Pitchfork & Provision was started by two childhood friends, both with a love of good food.

Despite having both gone down different paths since their early years of carefree childhoods and not having seen one another for over 10 years, it was a chance meeting that brought Gareth and Trystan back together and ignited what was almost an instant desire to develop a food offering with a difference.

Whilst many ideas were discussed in terms of both the short term and future aspirations of the business the key concept was that whatever the end result may be, everything was to be centred around a bakery. Albeit this was to be no ordinary bakery given the desire to provide gourmet produce to both businesses and the public alike. 

Having worked throughout the UK on major infrastructure projects for the last 10 years it’s fair to say Trystan was never going to be the baker ! However, the desire here was more to develop a business closer to home for which he and his family could be part of and in turn create a greater sense of belonging and the ability to spend quality time together.

Luckily for the pair in that regard and since they last met, Gareth had been honing his skills as a chef throughout some of the finest establishments in South Wales having worked his way through the ranks. With the aspiration to produce food of a higher quality than was available via the standard supply routes the concept of developing a craft bakery and providing a gourmet range of deli options to support existing establishments was born through Pitchfork & Provision.

And so it goes ….